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Our Technology

Special transparent and aerodynamic strips anchored to the solar surface flutter in the wind, cleaning and preventing the accumulation of dust and dirt. This continuous and environmentally friendly process operates without the use of water, electricity, or manpower, and can last for years.

 Dustoss holds several aproved patents, and many more at various inspection stages, both on the method and the product itself, granting it exclusive rights to the use of the cleaning system


Proof of Concept

Press play to see the Cleaning System in Action:

4-Month Time-Lapse Camera Experiment - Capturing One Shot Each Day


Proven Efficiency in the Field

Dustoss has collected data from over 5,000 modules across multiple sites

Measurement method - the output of a Dustoss-equipped module is divided by the output of a regular module

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Rooftop site


Rooftop Site

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Rooftop site


Rooftop site

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