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Our Story

Dustoss was established in January 2021. Today, after completing its second investment round, Dustoss is focusing on product development, it has a working MVP and has begun its first sales.

It all started a few years ago. Yoel (Co-founder & CTO) came up with another one of his ideas - a wind operated, autonomous solar panel cleaning device. This cleaning method would be environmentally friendly, being water and electricity free.

After a few years of "garage developing", Yoel got his concept proven and his idea patented. Recently, Dustoss has intensively developed that idea, and field proven a few wind-cleaning techniques that demonstrated a significant increase in system performance.

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The Team

Hadar Sefi

Hadar Sefi

Co-Founder & CEO

Throughout a long career in public service, Hadar gained vast management abilities and rich experience in leadership and process optimization.

Hadar has led the company from day one as CEO. He holds a BSc in industrial engineering.

Yoel Sefi

Co-Founder & CTO

Yoel is an experienced R&D engineer and an inventor at heart. One of his inventions is Dustoss' "Air Flow" cleaning technology.

Yoel serves as the main product developer and CTO. He holds a BSc in materials engineering and a BA in physics.

Yoel Sefi
Lidor Mazuz

Lidor Mazuz

R&D Manager

Lidor is a young and talented engineer. His true passion and creativity led the way to problems solving and inspire new ideas regarding the product.

Lidor serves as company R&D manager. He holds a BSc in mechanical engineering

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