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Dustoss solar panel cleaning system

Solar Panels Cleaning System

Install Dustoss' cleaning system on your entire solar field, leaving the wind to do the dirty work for you :)

Brief system maintenance may be advised in some cases, once, in the middle of the dry season.  

Dust Detector

The dust detector significantly cuts your washing costs by recommending the exact time to wash your solar panels to maximize profits from your solar system, taking into consideration dust levels on site, washing costs and estimated produced income.


Installing our cleaning kit on just one or two panels, enables on site dust level determination by comparing performance between Dustoss-cleaned panels and all other panels. Realtime dust levels are provided all year long.

Dustoss dust detector
Dustoss solar panel long row cleaning system

Long Row Solar Panel Cleaning System

Special long aerodynamic strips attached to the sides of the panel flutter in the wind and toss the dust away from the surface of the panels. Each strip can clean up to 10 panels simultaneously.

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