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Dust detector

Does your solar system need to be cleaned?

One of the questions a solar field owner would be happy to get an answer to, is if and when to wash the solar system. When is the dust becoming heavy enough that it affects the production in a way that a wash will be worth the time, effort and money spent.   

Dustoss dust detector informs you of your site’s dust level every day and how much of the production is lost due to the dust on your panels.

How does the dust detector work?

Install Dustoss cleaning strips over only two panels at your site.

As dust starts accumulating over the system, only the two panels with Dustoss' system will remain clean.

Comparing the cleaned panels’ production with the rest of the panels’ production demonstrates how much of the production got lost due to the dust on site.

Dustoss dust detector

How will you know when is the exact time to wash your solar system?

Our smart algorithm inputs the dust levels on your site, the tariff you get for your production and the money you would spend for a complete site wash, and calculates the best time for you to wash your field.

At the end of the dry season, you will receive the exact income lost due to debris and receive professional advice as to whether installing an autonomous cleaning system on your roof will be profitable in the long term (Dustoss or any other cleaning system).

How will you get the information?

We provide you with an online web link to see the state of your system:

  • ·        Amount of dust on site (% of maximum production potential without debris)

  • ·        Next washing date advice to maximize your profits

  • ·        Projected future washing times​

How can you purchase and install the Dust Detector?

Get in touch with us!

  • You can purchase our DIY kit and install the system independently

  • You can invite our service to install the system for you

  • You can purchase the system with or without our online data analysis services

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