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You Asked, We Answered
  • Is it possible to manually wash over Dustoss system?
    Yes. Manual cleaning over Dustoss is possible and can be useful once a year, especially in heavily dusted areas, or if needed due to bird droppings.
  • Don't the strips block the light?
    No. The strips are narrow and small surfaced relative to the panel. Their material transmits most of the light, and the amount of light which reflects out of the panel is practically unnoticeable in measured panel performance.
  • Does the system last the winter?
    Yes. Dustoss strips can stay stationed over the panels during rainy seasons. Of course, maintenance is required after the rains.
  • Can I install the system myself?
    Yes, our system can be purchased for self-installation.
  • Will the system affect the efficiency of my solar panels?
    Yes, our system is designed to improve the efficiency of your solar panels by removing dirt and debris that can block the sun's rays from reaching the panel. In fact, regular cleaning with our system can improve the efficiency of your panels by up to 30%.
  • Do you provide installation services for the system?
    Yes, we offer professional installation services for our cleaning system for those who prefer to have a trained professional install it. Our system sometimes require maintenance to ensure peak performance. We offer maintenance services to help keep your system in top condition. You can purchase ongoing maintenance services for our system by contacting us directly.
  • Does the system perform well in any environment?
    Yes, but some environments will provide better results than others. Many variables influence the performance, among them – dry season duration, dust amount and type, humidity, bird droppings and other interferences. Therefore, Dustoss has different solutions matching each site and environment.
  • What if there is no wind?
    Dustoss will provide good results at almost any wind conditions. Wind plays an essential role, but we can adjust our solutions to give good performance, taking site variables into consideration. Remember, the system is ready to work 24/7, so even if the wind is occasional or light, our systems can do the work.
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